Brendan Grace, An audience with His Grace

  • “An Audience With His Grace” opened at The Gaiety Theatre on Wednesday, and Brendan Grace received a standing ovation from a thrilled audience…His gags have a great hit rate and delight a capacity crowd. After 44 years in showbiz, Brendan Grace still knows how to send them home smiling.”

    Eamon Sweenie
    The Irish Independent, 25 March 2015

Touring Australia this November

Born in the heart of Dublin in 1951, Grace was raised in the inner city Liberties neighbourhood.  His father Seamus worked as a bartender, an ambulance man and other odd jobs to keep the family going.  However, like many Dubliners of the time, Grace eventually left school at the age of 15 to begin working.  His first job was as a messenger boy, an occupation he often refers to in his live act.

At the age of 18, Grace formed a band known as “The Gingermen” and toured throughout Ireland.  During a gig one night, the band found themselves two members short and in an attempt to calm an anxious crowd, Brendan was thrust upon the stage to humour them.  His wit and razor sharp observations of daily life in Ireland immediately won over the crowd and since then he has been selling out venues around the globe.

Brendan has shared stages with many well known names such as Frank Sinatra who referred to Grace as “His man in Europe” and John Denver, among many others.
In 1976, he penned the number one hit “Combine Harvester” which charted number one for both Grace and The Wurzels.  The song was also later recorded by Foster & Allen.

In 1995, Grace starred in “Moondance” and the follwoing year he appeared in the “Father Ted” episode “New Jack City” as Father Fintan Stack.

In November 2009, he released his best-selling autobiography “Amuzing Grace” which received critical acclaim.

In 2007, he appeared as “Big Sean” in “Killinaskully” and in 2015 he starred in “The Gift”.

An Audience With His Grace features some brand new material and some “old favourites” from his vast repertoire over the past 40 years including the brilliant school boy character “Bottler”.  He has managed to attract a younger audience due to the content of his show being very down to earth and helped also through his hilarious appearance in Father Ted, where he played the part of a drinking, smoking, trouble maker extraordinaire, Father Fintan Stack.

Join His Grace for an evening of high farce, mirth and music. Brendan Grace will give 5 performances in Australia this November of 2015.

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An Audience With His Grace performs in 5 venues through Australia this November of 2015.


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